YouTrack 7.0. bug fix is here (build 28867)

Please, welcome a fresh build for YouTrack 7.0 (build 28867).
This minor release brings a number of important fixes, including the merge columns feature, a fix that returns the filter query to the agile board, and some workflow improvements.

The merge columns feature lets you put cards with different states or other values into one column. Without this feature, you had to configure the same set of states in all projects to make your multi-project boards consistent. If you had different sets of values for states in different projects, you could end up with extra columns on the board. The merge columns feature lets you combine different sets of values in one column! For example, if you use different values to represent “in progress” states (In progress, Working on it, etc.), just merge them together.


After the YouTrack 7.0 release, we got several requests to bring the query setting back to the board. We have added this option to the new agile board so you can apply a filter to the cards on the board. You can either use a “version-based board” template with pre-configured settings to enable this option for a new board, or re-configure the settings on an existing board. This feature lets you use the board as an alternative view of the issues list, just as it was before 7.0.

To use a query, simply enable the “link sprints to custom field” option and enter a query to filter the cards on the board. Any issue that doesn’t match the query is hidden. For example, if you want to see only your issues on the board, use a query like “assignee: me”. In this case, members of the team who use this board only see their own issues.

When the query is enabled, any issue that is added to the board is updated, where possible, to match the attributes in the search parameters.


For more details, please refer to the Release Notes.
If you use YouTrack 7.0 Incloud, your server was upgraded today, on November 28, 2016.

Get a a fresh build and enjoy the improvements!

JetBrains YouTrack Team
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