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YouTrack 2017.1 is released!

Please welcome YouTrack 2017.1!


YouTrack 2017.1 introduces search based on time tracking, attachments on Agile Board and many other improvements.

Key New Features

  • Search based on time tracking
  • Attachments on Agile Board
  • LDAP bind to a fixed account
  • Permanent access token
  • Credentials management


  • Revised access tab
  • Description for banned users
  • Enhanced Auth Modules

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Search based on time tracking

You can now filter issues based on the work item type, author and date. For example, if you want find all the issues that you’ve been working on during the last week, use a query work author: me work date: {last week}.


Attachments on Agile Board

In YouTrack 2017.1, you can add and edit attachments directly on the agile board. Simply drag one or more files to any card on the board. This option also works when you open a card in view mode. You can also download all of the attachments, edit the visibility, and attach files privately.


LDAP bind to a fixed account

YouTrack 2017.1 lets you send LDAP bind requests to a fixed user account. This option lets you set up a standard two-step LDAP authentication. With this model, you use a dedicated account for the LDAP bind request and search for the user you want to authenticate on behalf of the bind user.
With this feature, you can set up an LDAP authentication module and still use logins that are not part of the Distinguished Name (DN), like an email address or token. This is also similar to the login configuration that is used by TeamCity, so administrators can use a single model for LDAP integration in all JetBrains team tools. Please check the documentation for more details.


Permanent access token

You can now use permanent tokens to strengthen security for YouTrack integrations with external services. Simply create a new token with a specific access scope, and use it for authentication in API calls.


Credentials management

In YouTrack 2017.1 users can add additional credentials to their user profiles. You can merge existing credentials with your YouTrack account or create a new login. Also, if you accidentally delete your credentials, you can restore your profile with the additional ones.


In addition to the features mentioned above, we have added some useful improvements regarding access management.

Revised access tab

Please welcome a fully redesigned access tab that gives you full control over access management. Grant or revoke roles, see the permissions set, and filter roles per users, projects or groups.

Access tab

Description for banned users

When you ban a user in YouTrack 2017.1, you can enter a reason for performing this action. This description is added next to the user name and is visible to other users who have the necessary permissions.


Enhanced Auth Modules

In YouTrack 2017.1, you can now create and configure a custom OAuth 2.0 module. We also improved the interface for new authentication modules and added pre-sets for the following services: Facebook, Yandex, Microsoft Live, PayPal, Azure AD and Amazon.


To get more details about the release, please check the Release Notes.

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