Welcome to YouTrack 2018.4

Please welcome YouTrack 2018.4!

This is the last release for 2018 and it brings a number of features and improvements.

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Custom Project Templates

You can now use an existing project as a template for new projects. Projects marked as templates are added to the set of available project types on the Create Project page.


Clone Project

Clone existing projects and save time! The new project inherits settings from the original one, including its project team, access scheme, custom fields, time tracking, workflows, integrations, and agile boards.


Timesheet Report

This report shows you how your team has allocated their spent time in a calendar-based spreadsheet. When the report is calculated, you can switch between two views that show spent time per user or per issue. In per issue view, you can click an issue ID to open the selected issue in single issue view.


Search by User Mentions

You can now search for issues that contain @mention references for specific users. You can also use this search attribute to generate reports and lists that mention your account, without having to rely on notifications alone to track these issues.


IdP-initiated SSO for SAML

We’ve updated the SAML 2.0 authentication module to let you initiate single sign-on requests from the identity provider side.

Updates and Enhancements

Aggregation Options for Reports

Several reports now have a new “Show totals for” option in their settings. When it is selected, the report will show aggregate totals for votes and other fields that store values as an integer, float, or period. Use this to create reports that show the total number of votes, estimations, spent time, and more.

Issue Link Improvements

Tab-based navigation in the issue links panel lets you quickly find linked issues by link type. We’ve also moved the links panel just below the issue summary.


Links to Agile Boards from Project Pages

New links to agile boards are available from the Administration menu for each project in the Projects list and the sidebar for project overviews. These links provide direct access to agile boards that display issues in the related project.


Streamlined VCS Integration

We’ve dramatically simplified the process for integrating with a version control system. Integrate your YouTrack projects directly with repositories in GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.


Updated Interface for Project Teams

The new interface for managing project teams lets you add or remove users and groups in a single step. You also have the ability to change the default role that is assigned to the project team.


Tabular Layout for Spent Time in Activity Stream

After the previous release, we’ve received some feedback regarding the new activity stream on the issue view page. We’ve heard your concerns and improved the functionality. Starting with YouTrack 2018.4, work item data that is shown as spent time in the activity stream is presented in a series of columns.


Time Report Improvements

New options in the settings for time reports let you group work items by parent issue, show comments in work items, and show aggregated spent time for parent tasks.


Custom Reply-to Address for Notifications

New options added to the Global Settings and Edit Project pages let you specify dedicated email addresses for handling replies to notifications that are sent by YouTrack.

Allowed Organizations for GitHub Auth Module

A new setting for the GitHub auth module lets you restrict logins to members of specific GitHub organizations. If your YouTrack installation is accessible over the internet, you can let users who belong to your organization sign in with their GitHub accounts.

Other improvements

– User Tooltips for Field Values
– Shortcuts for Issue Links
– New Notification Templates
– RTL Language Support in New Issue Views
– LDAP Group Mappings
– Ability to Create Issue Macro for Confluence Integration
– Ability to Add Cards to Multiple Sprints
– Layout Improvements

Experimental Feature

Single Term Search Optimization

When this feature is enabled, text searches that contain single terms assign higher relevance scores to words that exactly match the specified word form. Search queries that contain single terms in quotation marks only return exact matches for the specified word form.

Give YouTrack 2018.4 a try!

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We highly appreciate all your feedback, so please share it with us in the comment section below.

For more details about the release, please see the Release Notes. To learn more about configuring the new features, check the latest documentation.

If you are using YouTrack InCloud, your instance will be upgraded to the latest version automatically according to our Maintenance Calendar.

We hope that 2018 was a successful and productive year for you. We wish you all the best in 2019!
See you next year!

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