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What’s next: YouTrack Roadmap 2019 Q3 & Q4


Hi everyone,

This year we’ve released two major updates for YouTrack. It’s time to share our vision for what lies ahead.

Redesigned Issue List

We continue to work on the new issue list page. We have already released it earlier as an experimental feature and implemented a lot of improvements thanks to your feedback. Apart from what is already done, before the feature becomes public, we plan to add a new sidebar and an ability to create reports.


Emoji reactions are cool, everyone loves them! We want to add them to the comments section, so you can quickly react to your colleagues’ comments, images, and so on.

Knowledge base pages

In future YouTrack versions, we plan to add pages that you can use as a project knowledge base. There you would be able to add text or images, create sub-pages, and store all the necessary information about your projects. You’ll also be able to manage permissions to secure access to valuable information.

Other features that we plan to work on include:

    • JT-5982 – Ability to specify several groups when limiting access/sharing.
    • JT-44622 – Improvements related to markdown.
    • JT-22980 – Configure custom fields visibility per user group.
    • JT-32837 – Plugin for Confluence Cloud.
    • JT-18173 – Official Zapier application.
    • JT-44994 – Integration with Gogs.
    • Bundled JDK 11 for YouTrack Distributions.
    • Push notifications for YT Mobile on Android.

We hope this roadmap includes the features you’ve voted for. Please note that as usual, our roadmap is just a projection. We are agile and can change some features or the way they are implemented.

We really appreciate your feedback, so please share your thoughts about our roadmap in the comments below. To get the latest updates, subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter.

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