Early Access Program News

AppCode EAP build (108.239): better and smarter here and there

We’re rolling out a new build of AppCode, our forthcoming IDE for iOS and Mac OS X developers.

Thanks to your feedback we get lots of things fixed and improved. Here is the full list of changes since the last update.

Some changes worth mentioning include:
1. Code completion, unresolved references highlighting, find usages, rename refactoring and safe delete operations are supported for resource assets references for pathForResource, initWithNibName, loadNibNamed, imageNamed, soundNamed and other methods.

2. “implement/declare methods”, “synthesize/generate properties” and other actions insert members at the right places now preserving the order of members of the interface/implementation. The order of the members in dialogs is also correct now.

3. Block scope inspections: if the stack-allocated block escapes its scope (by assigning it to the outer scope variable or returning from the method), AppCode suggests to copy it to the heap.

4. You can now select on which device to debug if you have several connected.

5. ‘Surround with…’ action (Cmd+Option+T) also offers to surround with (expr) and ((Type)expr) now.

You are welcome to download the new build from the AppCode EAP page and send your feedback to the forum or issue tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains AppCode team