Early Access Program News

New AppCode EAP build: now with debug on device

We’re moving pretty fast, aren’t we? This new AppCode EAP build (#108.197) has some really tasty new features that need your feedback sooner rather than later.

  • First of all, for iOS projects it now has debug on device. It is an early work and can be fragile, so we need you to try it on as many configurations and devices as possible.
  • Safe Delete refactoring is a real helper for cleaning unnecessary stuff out of your code: when deleting a method from an interface it suggests to delete the implementation as well. Same applies to instance variables/properties, classes and their predefinitions.
  • Code Formatter now has a bunch of new options, including the awaited align arguments by colon.
  • Common private category pattern gets some love via extract method/property to private category and split property to readonly/readwrite with the help of private category.
  • Even more options for code generations (see screenshot)
  • There’s always more, see full list of issues

As usual download the new build from the AppCode EAP page, your feedback is welcome at forum and issue tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains AppCode team