Show why you love AppCode and get it FREE, oh and win an iPad!

Do you use AppCode already? Do you like it? Maybe thinking of buying it? How about getting it for free?

There’s a reason we’re asking all this.

AppCode 1.0 release is coming soon and we could use some more of your help and passion. For a reward, of course.

All you need to do to get your free AppCode license (yeah, and maybe an iPad) is to create and share a short screencast about why you like the AppCode IDE.

We suggest 2 categories:

  • Teaching demo – an IDE overview
  • Demo about one or more specific features

Every screencast author gets a free AppCode license, but… we’ll also pick two winners, one in each category, who will each get an Apple iPad 2 (with a special engraving from the AppCode team!).

Interested yet?

Contest Rules:

  • You publish your screencast (or several, if you like) on JetBrains TV no later than September 30. Please use your JetBrains Account to log in there.
  • We choose the best submitted screencasts via internal voting.
  • We announce the 2 winners on October 5th.
  • We send every screencast author their free license.


  • JetBrains TV accepts videos in the following file formats: mp4, mpeg, avi, mpg, wmv, flv, or mov. Make sure to submit your video in one of these formats.
  • Publish your screencast to the ‘AppCode’ channel.
  • Make sure to tag your screencast appropriately.


  • Silent screencasts are fine but we do prefer voice (English, please).
  • 4:3 aspect ratio for better publishing quality.
  • Recommended resolutions: 1024×768 or 800×600.
  • Try to limit screencast duration to 10 minutes.

So, “Action!”

You are free to create your screencasts using any screencasting tool.

Looking forward to your contributions!
The AppCode Team