AppCode goes Beta with a 50% discount for 1.0

Oh, this pleasant mixture of excitement and uncertainty… Anyhow, we are excited to announce the availability of Beta release for JetBrains AppCode!

AppCode is an alternative Objective-C IDE for Mac OS X and iOS developers concentrating on an improved coding productivity.
The Early Access has been lots of fun, we’ve received a great deal of useful feedback from early adopters using the EAP builds. Thanks guys!
This Beta release leaves only a short final stretch to the 1.0 release, which is due out later this Fall. In the remaining time we are planning to mostly concentrate on product stability and performance.

By our tradition, during the Beta period everyone can get a 50% discount coupon for AppCode by submitting a request to JetBrains. Once version 1.0 is out the coupons can be used to purchase the IDE at half-price. We’ve also revealed the planned pricing for AppCode on the official web site, so you can have a clue now.

But if you want AppCode absolutely free, there’s also a way. Check it out!

So, enough words, download AppCode Beta and make sure you request the discount to save on AppCode 1.0!
Check out the changelist for this Beta build (108.1297)

-JetBrains AppCode Team
“Develop with Pleasure!”

P.S. The development continues and new EAP builds will be available as before.