AppCode 1.0.3: support for Xcode 4.3 and bugfixes

It’s almost holiday time! No doubt you guys will be relaxing, coding and digging some new stuff ;) If, for example, you intend to try the latest Xcode 4.3 Beta you are safe to do so because we’ve adopted AppCode for it and this is the main reason to release AppCode 1.0.3 now.
Here is what’s included in AppCode 1.0.3:

  • Xcode 4.3 (Beta 2) compatibility. Known issue: LLDB occasionally fails and stops the debugging
  • Fixed possible UI freeze after restoring a minimized AppCode window
  • xdebugger: fixed doubling watches node after editing
  • LLDB: fixed thread selection on breakpoint hit
  • OC-2504: Unable to run Build Configurations
  • OC-2517: Autocomplete in commit logs comment section does not work
  • OC-2500: UIViewAutoresize* constants stop autocompletion after |
  • OC-2445: Syntax highlighter doesn’t handle includes beginning with a single dot
  • OC-1359: Execution: ‘detach’ option removed from ‘Terminate target’ dialog
  • plus a number of other fixes, performance and memory usage optimizations.

You are welcome to download AppCode 1.0.3 from our web site. Sorry, no autoupdate this time.

Note that before Jan 2 AppCode is still available at a lower intro price. You do not want to miss it.
And if you have a not used 50% off Beta coupon, they still work too.

Happy Holidays!
-The AppCode Team