AppCode 1.0.4 bugfix update

Hi everyone!

Hopefully 2012 is going good for you. It’s just great for us, and we’re sharing it with you!
Here’s a small bugfix update — AppCode 1.0.4. Check out what’s included:

  • OC-2682: Hang on settings import
  • OC-2693: Cyclic components initialization
  • OC-2710: Debugger stops showing variables
  • OC-2781: Device debugging fixed for Xcode 4.3 beta 3
  • OC-2770: Opening large files
  • OC-2604: Correct parsing of #warning inside methods

Download it from AppCode web site or install the update from within the IDE.

We’ve also had some good AppCode reviews recently and wanted to share them with you:
Have You Tried AppCode by JetBrains Yet? by Kyle Newsome,
Using JetBrains AppCode aka JetCidr by Mark Damon Hughes,
and Xcode’s not the only option anymore by Alex Handy.
So, things get rolling!

One more piece of news is that we’re close to AppCode 1.5 Early Access. Are you ready for more greatness? Check out what’s coming in AppCode 1.5 and stay tuned!

Develop with pleasure!
-AppCode Team