Early Access Program News

AppCode 1.5 EAP update (#114.179)

Hi guys!

As we are getting closer to the release, we are eager to show you another bunch of cool new features in the AppCode 1.5 EAP build (#114.179):

– Call Hierarchy helps you examine your program’s flow:

– Watchpoints support in LLDB Debugger.
– Exceptions breakpoints:

– Xcode Schemes support (AppCode keeps its run configurations in sync with Xcode Schemes):

– And this one, we think, is a killer: meet the Extract Block Parameter refactoring. With it you can in a blink of an eye factor a piece of logic out of a method; this comes very handy when you want to create a generic algorithm from an existing code:

Check them out and tell us how you think AppCode 1.5 shapes up.
Maybe you have some suggestions or questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us using either our issue tracker or the forum.

Here you can find the list of all fixes and features included in this EAP.

Develop with pleasure!
-The AppCode Team