Early Access Program News

AppCode 2.1 EAP opens today!

Hey fellows!

You have probably been checking your RSS-reader of choice for quite a while now, looking for some news from us? And here goes one:

We are opening AppCode 2.1 EAP today focused on performance and bug-fixes.
Among the most noticeable highlights are:

  • Background indexing and indexing optimization.
  • Better handling of project changes via external event, VCS.
  • Code generation and refactorings improvements and optimizations.

Here is the full list of fixes in this first EAP, and more fixes and optimizations to come.

AppCode 2.1 will be released in about a month and we invite everyone for thorough testing of the EAP – some regressions may still hide in the new indexer that we haven’t caught in our tests. Please keep an eye on the suspicious red code, ‘unused symbol’ inspection and refactorings’ behaviour. If you find indexing being slower, please let us know as well – we’ll try to tune the thread load.
As usual, problem reports are welcome in our public tracker.

OK, we’re delaying you no more – go ahead and try the new build.

The AppCode Team