Early Access Program News

New AppCode 2.1 EAP build is here

Hello everyone!

We are glad to tell you that we have a new EAP build today for you with more optimizations and background indexing. This build even has a new feature in it: warning suppressing, see OC-2082.

While in most of the situations warnings from inspections are helpful and can point to various issues or potential problems with your code, every rule has an exception. In some rare cases you may decide that a warning is not relevant for a particular part of your code and you don’t want to see it popup again. Now, you have an option to suppress a warning – just hit Alt+Enter, select the inspection you’re not happy with, then hit right and choose whether you want to suppress this particular inspection for the whole file, method or just for this statement.

To suppress the “non-localised strings” inspection in batch mode, use Code | Inspect Code.

Of course, you can always change your mind, and remove the suppression for an inspection.

See the full list of changes, try the new build and tell us what you think! We also wish you to have a great time at WWDC’13 if you were fast enough to buy tickets.
Stay tuned for updates!

The AppCode team