AppCode 2.1 is here!

Hooray! AppCode 2.1 is finally officially available. We’ve spent all this time making it faster and more stable – we want you to feel comfortable in your IDE, be productive and know that you can rely on your tools of choice.
There were multiple improvements and 100 fixes in different areas, but one of the noticeable once is background indexing and indexing optimization. We’ve also polished code generation options and refactorings, and even added a new feature – warnings suppression (see detailed description in EAP blog post).

So, give it a try – use ‘Check for Updates…’ in AppCode’s menu or download the build directly and enjoy the most intelligent Objective-C IDE!
Note, that if you own an AppCode license, 2.1 is a free update for you!

Yours truly,
The AppCode Team