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New AppCode 2.1 EAP build is here

Hello everyone!

We are glad to tell you that we have a new EAP build today for you with more optimizations and background indexing. This build even has a new feature in it: warning suppressing, see OC-2082.

While in most of the situations warnings from inspections are helpful and can point to various issues or potential problems with your code, every rule has an exception. In some rare cases you may decide that a warning is not relevant for a particular part of your code and you don’t want to see it popup again. Now, you have an option to suppress a warning – just hit Alt+Enter, select the inspection you’re not happy with, then hit right and choose whether you want to suppress this particular inspection for the whole file, method or just for this statement.

To suppress the “non-localised strings” inspection in batch mode, use Code | Inspect Code.

Of course, you can always change your mind, and remove the suppression for an inspection.

See the full list of changes, try the new build and tell us what you think! We also wish you to have a great time at WWDC’13 if you were fast enough to buy tickets.
Stay tuned for updates!

The AppCode team

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4 Responses to New AppCode 2.1 EAP build is here

  1. Avatar

    Lee says:

    June 7, 2013

    Fantastic – the debugging issue that was impacting me is now fixed. Thanks a lot!

  2. Avatar

    Dmitriy Isaev says:

    June 10, 2013

    Hi guys! Why you’re still working? Why don’t go to a vacation? What’s wrong with AppCode? Great performance, great product! Sorry, I won’t participate in your EAPs no more. :):):)

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    Jim Code says:

    August 20, 2013

    I’m considering buying a copy of AppCode, but unfortunately it appears JetBrains has thrown little support behind developing it.

    Apparently a small team of developers at JetBrains with little or nothing to do, managed to scrape together pieces of your other IDEs, and slap a new title on it called AppCode.

    There is very little documentation for the app, and zero help files, which makes it obvious that this app isn’t a high priority at JetBrains.

    I’m guessing AppCode is a trial balloon for JetBrains to see if there’s any interest first, BEFORE developing a solid product, rather than taking a normal approach to app development, which is starting with a good idea, developing a solid product from that idea, and then the interest and customer base builds.

    Is there any convincing argument you could make that I should feel this application has a real future at JetBrains and that significant resources will be put behind developing it.
    I shouldn’t have to go to a blog or user forum for answers to basic functionality that clearly belongs in an integrated help file.

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      Maria Khalusova says:

      August 21, 2013

      Dear Jim,

      We can assure you that AppCode is not an experimental product and we put massive efforts into enhancing its functionality, improving the existing set of features, adding new ones and making the IDE even smarter than it is. We understand your confusion about absence of built-in documentation. Although it hasn’t been our top priority in previous releases, we plan to add it eventually.

      For now, however, I can suggest following resources that can help you find your way around the IDE.
      IntelliJ IDEA Web Help – This is IntelliJ IDEA web help. All the functionality that doesn’t depend on the language is the same as in AppCode, so you can get here information about IDE settings, VCS settings, and many other things that are not language-specific.
      Forums – We are happy to answer your questions in our forums.
      Blog – here you can find announcements, news, and articles on different features.
      – There’s also appcode-support@jetbrains.com where you can address your questions.

      If you have encountered any specific problems with AppCode, or have further suggestions, we will be glad to learn about your experience.

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