Welcome AppCode 3.3 release: Xcode 7 support, Swift 2, debugger improvements and more!

AppCode 3.3 is here, so download and try it right now! Anyone with an active license can get this update absolutely for free.

AppCode 3.3 SplashAs you remember, since the previous release we’ve been working hard to bring you new Xcode 7 and Swift 2 features. A lot of them are already included in this release, so let’s see what’s on board!

Xcode support

If you’re wondering about Xcode 7 compatibility, the answer is in: starting from v3.3 AppCode officially supports Xcode 7 and 7.1. That said, we no longer support Xcode 6.x on OS X 10.11 due to the recent changes in AppStore submission policy.

Generics & nullability

When you bridge from Objective-C to Swift, it is especially important to use generic types. AppCode supports them with accurate parsing, helpful highlighting, and handy renaming of generic parameters.


_Nonnull and _Nullable annotations are also supported now.

Swift 2

We’ve put a lot of effort into making your Swift experience smoother by adding parsing, highlighting and completion for new statements into almost every EAP build released in the last two months. For the full list of Swift 2 statements supported by AppCode, please see our confluence page. Let us highlight the most important ones:

  • error handling statements and keywords (except rethrows)swift2@2x
  • defer blocks
  • repeatwhile statement
  • guard keyword
  • indirect modifiers for recursive enums

This update also brings completion for Swift nested types and correct substitution for class methods with generics parameters.

Swift Debugger

As we continue working on the debugger, this release features improved rendering of collections and adds rendering for CoreFoundation types in Swift.

Swift debugger


A couple of important features for C++ developers in this release (thanks to CLion team) include:

  • If you are using AppCode for Unreal Engine 4 development, you’ll be glad to learn that __LINE__ macro is now supported correctly.
  • Take advantage of Rename refactoring for template parameters in C++, as well as Find Usages and code inspection for unused template parameters.

Test runner

Run XCTest, Kiwi or Google Test in your project and get the results in a separate AppCode tool window, now improved and more user-friendly than before:

  • Sort tests by duration right in the test tree
  • All test results are automatically saved and importable from history in one click

And if you prefer the vertical orientation for the testing results tool window, simply move the window to the right or left.

Version control

If you notice a small issue while looking at a diff, you can now easily fix it right in the commit dialog, just by enabling the editing mode.

Edit in commit dialog

This change applies to all version control systems supported by AppCode. There are some per-system improvements as well:

  • Git users can now access branch operations right from the VCS Log Viewer (including the Rebase action)
  • If you use Perforce, shelve your changes easily by invoking “Shelve in Perforce…”. You can also browse the corresponding change list and unshelve it whenever you want.
  • Mercurial Queues users can benefit from dedicated tools for managing patches. It’s possible to create, rename, apply or remove patches directly from AppCode UI.

General IDE improvements

Talking about general IDE experience, this release delivers the following new features:

  • Preview for the first 100 search results in Find in Path dialog
  • Adjust code style settings quick-fix for changing code-style settings only for the selected piece of code
  • RegEx expressions in Find and Replace
  • Color deficiency adjustments in Appearance settings
  • Improvements in the default Look & Feel
  • JavaScript debugger bundled in AppCode by default

We’ll continue to work on Swift 2 functionality to deliver more features to you in the following 3.3.x updates.

Also, AppCode 3.3 release is aligned with updates for our other desktop products that comprise JetBrains Toolbox.

Note that the new JetBrains licensing model is already effective starting November 2, 2015. Check out the current AppCode pricing and plans on our site.

Develop with pleasure,
The AppCode Team