AppCode 3.3.3 EAP starts now!

Hi everyone,

Today we are starting the Early Access Program for AppCode 3.3.3 and the first build 143.1453 is already available on our confluence page. Since this build is EAP for a minor update, it requires an active license (alternatively, use the 30-day free evaluation).

The full list of fixes and improvements is here, and as usual we outline the most important ones.


Protocol extensions

One of the most notable new features in this build is parsing, completion and resolve for protocol extensions in Swift.

Use the Implement methods… action (Ctrl+I) inside an extension clause to generate the implementation for protocol methods:

To make navigation between method definition in protocol and its implementation in extension easier, corresponding icons are added to the left-hand editor gutter.


We’ve improved rendering for standard Swift collections (Array, Set, Dictionary) as well as for other CollectionType subclasses:

  • Now you can view Dictionary and Set contents even on 32-bit iOS simulators.
  • Elements for any collection are shown in a convenient way with all not needed attributes skipped, both in the Variables view and the editor (in case the inline variables view is enabled). It’s especially important when you are trying to view the contents of some specific CollectionType subclasses such as FlattenCollection:

Error handling

As we continue to work on error handling support for Swift, this build delivers the following improvements:

  • “Add ‘catch’ clause” and “Add default ‘catch’ clause” intentions to quickly add a catch clause for a specific error thrown in the do block, or just a general catch clause that will handle any error:
  • Quick-fix for the situation when try was incorrectly placed on the right hand of a binary operator:
  • Fix for the issue when throws and rethrows did not appear in a function signature created with the Override/Implement action.

Apple TV support

This version addresses a couple of issues important for Apple TV developers:

  • Running tvOS apps on Apple TV device (OC-12845)
  • The problem with running tvOS framework unit tests on the Apple TV simulator (OC-12614)

In addition, tvOS and watchOS SDK are now visible in Base SDK drop-down on the Project Settings pane.

And more

  • Override/Implement popup now shows optional protocol methods by default when using it from Swift (OC-12708):
  • Issue with completion in Objective-C blocks is fixed (OC-7965)
  • Initial parsing for if … case statements is implemented (some major parsing issues still exist, see subtasks in base ticket)

Download the new EAP build, try it and share your feedback in the comments below or submit a ticket to our tracker!

P.S. Have you read about Swift plugin for CLion? In case you are using Swift for development on Linux, you definitely should )

Your AppCode team
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