AppCode 3.3.2 Update is Out

Hi everyone,

We are glad to announce that AppCode 3.3.2 bug-fix update is available for download.


And if you’ve noticed our new splash, it’s not only a new picture – it’s a whole makeover! Read about the new JetBrains branding in our company blog.

Let’s take a quick look at the features and improvements added into this update.


  • “Surround with do/catch” and “Propagate call error with try”  quick-fixes are available for throwing functions as well as parser improvements for constructions with rethrows keyword
    Surround with do/catch
  • Quick-fix added for splitting multiple variable declarations into separate ones

Swift debugger

This update delivers one of the long-awaited debugger features: support for watches and expression evaluation.


Now you can view values of variables added to Watches tool window, evaluate Swift expressions using Evaluate expression… action (Alt+F8), and benefit from code completion for both cases while debugging your Swift projects.

Apple TV simulators

We’ve added support for Apple TV platform which includes running and debugging tvOS apps on Apple TV simulators (note, that running applications on tvOS device is currently not possible due to this issue).

tvOS simulators

Search and navigation

Objective-C and Swift project symbols are now included into Search Everywhere results:


And more 

  • Improved performance in loading Swift modules after initial indexing and building of symbols (OC-12345)
  • A number of stability fixes for project model loading

The full list of fixes and improvements can be found here.

In future versions we will continue to work on features from our roadmap, improvements in loading Swift modules and overall performance of the AppCode.

Stay tuned and don’t miss the next EAP launch!

Develop with pleasure,
The AppCode Team.