New AppCode 3.4 EAP, build 144.3891

New AppCode 3.4 EAP, build 144.3891 is available for download. The patch update is also available if you are using previous 3.4 EAP build.

This build addresses the following important issues:

  • Error while parsing function array types (OC-13074)
  • “Value is not of a pointer type” error in Swift debugger (OC-12811)
  • Resolving inherited initialisers for Swift types (OC-11729)
  • Ambiguous function resolve when parameters are not named (OC-12398)
  • No autocompletion for variables with Objective-C type that were declared without type annotation in Swift (see OC-12866 and related issues):

In addition, you can now build and clean your project directly after opening it in AppCode in case you had already opened it for the first time and initial caching for symbols in your project had performed. Note that on first project opening, Build and Clean actions in the Run menu will still be disabled.

The list of other fixes and improvements can be found here. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below and submit feature requests and problems to our tracker.

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