New AppCode 3.4 EAP: code folding for Swift


New AppCode 3.4 EAP, build 145.256 is available for download. The patch update is also available if you are using previous 3.4 EAP build.

This update brings one of the long-awaited Swift code editing features – code folding of declarations in Swift.

Let’s go through all the code folding options available:

  • Use +/- toggles on the left side of the editor window to expand/collapse any declaration:Code folding toggles
  • Mouse over the collapsed declaration to see it’s contents:
    Folding contents
  • Expand/collapse the current code block using ⌘+/⌘-:Expand/collapse current block
  • Expand or collapse any declaration recursively via ⌥⌘+/⌥⌘-:Expand/collapse recursively
  • Expand or collapse all declarations in the current file using ⇧⌘+/⇧⌘-:Expand/collapse all

The same options are also available for #if/#else/#elseif/#endif conditional compilation statements.

As usual, you can find complete release notes here. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below or in our tracker.