AppCode 2016.1 Release Candidate

Hi everyone,

AppCode 2016.1 release candidate (build 145.257) is out today. Previously this version was announced as 3.4 and now it’s time to explain where the 2016.1 version number has come from.

There are 2 main reasons for it. First, with the switch to subscription model, we planned to release more often, move away from major/minor version scheme and focus on continuous delivery of value independently of versioning. The second reason is to unify versions of all products under the JetBrains Toolbox and make it clear for everybody which particular product version will include some platform changes in general IDE experience. To find out more, please read the post in our company blog.

From the Swift side this build addresses the following issues:

  • Completion duplicates for functions in classes with a lot of super protocols and extensions (OC-13111)
  • Swift generated header file import is not resolved in frameworks (OC-13119)

In addition, this build delivers a fix for the issue with xcproject being opened instead of xcworkspace in some cases (OC-13157).

Some words about features mentioned in our roadmap. For the current release we had 3 main feature directions planned:

  • Swift refactorings (Inline variable (OC-11356) and Introduce variable (OC-11591) first)
  • Warnings and errors shown in the editor for the Swift code (OC-11496)
  • Fixes for bridged header problems that currently affect writing mixed Objective-C and Swift code

For now a large amount of improvements for the mixed code is already in our internal testing, but due to the amount of changes we cannot roll them out in the current release. We need to finish our internal testing and evaluate all the changes during the EAP period.

There are still some parsing/resolve issues that currently do not allow us to start implementation of Swift refactorings (including recent changes in Swift 2.2). Some of them required more effort than we expected, so currently we are still working on them. After the current release we will publish an update in our blog post with the ETA for this feature.

Finally, the task to show warnings and errors in editor for the Swift code (OC-11496) is close to our internal testing and we will publish information about its ETA after release.

You can download AppCode 2016.1 RC from our confluence page or use the patch update directly from the IDE in case you are using 3.4 EAP build. And if you find any bug at all, please file an issue in our tracker.

Your AppCode team
The Drive to Develop