AppCode 2018.1 EAP: Location Simulation Support and More

A new AppCode 2018.1 EAP build is available for download on our site.

Location simulation

This build adds long-awaited support for location simulation in AppCode. Open the Run Configurations dialog and select the location you need:Location settings
Change it on the fly using the Simulate Location button in the Run or Debug tool window:Change location

Create your custom location setup and use it in the same way as in Xcode:Custom location

Vertical font spacing: Xcode mode

In this build, we’ve added an experimental feature which allows you to use the same vertical font spacing as found in Xcode. You can enable it via ⇧⌘ARegistry → turn on editor.text.xcode.vertical.spacing. Now you can use the same line spacing values as Xcode does in Preferences | Editor | Font | Line spacing and have the same vertical spacing for the specific font:

  • Tight Spacing = 1.0
  • Normal Spacing = 1.1:Normal spacing example
  • Relaxed Spacing = 1.2

Together with the improvements mentioned in this post, this option makes the font rendering in AppCode editor the same as in Xcode.


Several important regressions are addressed in this build:

  • Problem with non-clickable links in the console window (OC-16709)
  • Forward declaration of classes is not recognized by AppCode (OC-16472)
  • False-negative errors shown for macros in Objective-C (OC-16799)

Besides, TSLint plugin is now bundled in AppCode.

The full release notes are available here.

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