New AppCode 2018.1 EAP: location simulation improvements, breadcrumbs for Objective-C, experimental hexadecimal view and more

New AppCode 2018.1 EAP (build 181.4096.17) is already available on our site with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Separate tab for Run Configuration options: Options
  • Location simulation settings for test Run Configurations (OC-16752)
  • Simulate Location button is now shown for tvOS (OC-16820)
  • Highlighting and completion for gpx files (OC-16712)
  • Swift:
    • SE-0143 (Conditional conformances)
    • Indent options for comments in Swift:Comment settings
    • Resolve for static properties in static property body (OC-16782)
    • Improved resolution of init methods defined in protocol extensions (OC-15672)
  • Objective-C/C/C++:
  • Experimental hexadecimal view for Swift/Objective-C/C/C++. You can enable it as follows:
    • Turn on ⇧⌘A → Registry → cidr.debugger.value.numberFormatting.hex
    • Turn on Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger | Data Views | Objective-C | Show hex values for numbers

    The full release notes are available here.

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