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New AppCode 2020.3 EAP: Localization Intentions, Program Counter Location Point, and More

Hi everyone,

The new AppCode 2020.3 EAP build is available for download from our site.


You can now localize strings easily in Swift code using the Localize string intention, which automatically generates NSLocalizedString and adds a key-value pair to the .strings file:


NSLocalizedString statements are folded by default in the code editor:


Navigation allows you to jump from code to the localization key-value pair via ⌘B. In addition, the context menu option for creating the .strings file is available in the Project view’s context menu.


AppCode now displays the current location of the program counter in the left gutter and allows you to drag it:

PC location point

As usual, this version contains plenty of other bug fixes and improvements – you can find information about all of them in the full release notes.

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