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AppCode 2020.3 Release Candidate is Here!

Hi everyone,

The release of AppCode 2020.3 is quickly approaching, and the Release Candidate is now available for download on our site. This build requires an active subscription and fixes the following issues:

  • It wasn’t possible to turn off folding for multiline Swift comments (OC-20983).
  • There was no highlighting for Swift errors in development Pods (OC-20487).
  • The “Building bridged symbols” phase was slow with the WordPress project (OC-20992).
  • Reveal v.27 wasn’t working with AppCode (OC-20933).
  • Formatting for generated comments was broken in AppCode 2020.3 EAP (OC-20946).
  • Rename refactoring changes weren’t implemented following the introduction of the new UI (OC-20835).

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