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AppCode 2020.3.1 Is Out With Apple Silicon Support

Hi everyone,

AppCode 2020.3.1 is now available for download from our site.

Apple Silicon Support

You can now download AppCode for Apple Silicon – just select the build on our website:


Toolbox App users can select the same build under the Available for Apple M1 section. Please note that a previously installed AppCode version running via Rosetta2 will not update to run natively.

Bug Fixes

The following notable issues are fixed in this update:

  • Crashes when opening a large project (OC-20729)
  • High memory consumption in projects with per-file compilation flags (e.g. projects using CocoaPods) (OC-20540)
  • The Move refactoring was shown when adding files using drag and drop instead of Add files (OC-20559)

The full release notes are available here.