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Kotlin/Native Plugin Update

Hi everyone,

You may have already heard about the Kotlin/Native plugin for AppCode. Our initial intention in developing it was to simplify the integration of the Kotlin/Native framework into an Xcode project, so we could automatically add the needed build phases, invoke Gradle when needed, and so on. In addition, we wanted to simplify code-writing by resolving Kotlin entities from Swift and Objective-C.

Previously you had to rebuild the project to resolve those entities correctly. The main change we included in this update is automatic cross-resolve between Objective-C/Swift and Kotlin, which means rebuilding is no longer required. The cross-resolve works with the following IDE features:

  • The Rename refactoring
  • Find usages
  • Completion
  • Go to declaration


New code entities, as well as any changes in Kotlin code, are processed on the fly and do not require rebuilding either.

That’s it! We hope this update will help you develop Kotlin/Native apps more quickly and easily.

Your AppCode team
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