AppCode Starts 2021.2 EAP: Swift Support Improvements, Call Hierarchy for Swift, and More!

Hi everyone,

Today we are starting the Early Access Program for AppCode 2021.2, and the first build is already available for download.

AppCode 2021.2

Language support

Support for the following Swift proposals is now available:

  • SE-0289: Result builders
  • SE-0295: Codable synthesis for enums with associated values

Call Hierarchy

Call Hierarchy is one of the most helpful navigation views in JetBrains products. Starting with this build, it’s available for your Swift code:

Call Hierarchy

Complete Statement

Completion for statements automates routine actions when writing typical statements, such as if, else, while, and others. Simply write if, press ⌘⇧⏎ and have curly brackets automatically inserted; press ⌘⇧⏎ again when the if condition is specified – and jump directly to the if body:

Complete statement

As usual, we also have a heap of bug fixes – learn about them in the full release notes.

Your AppCode team
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