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AppCode 2021.3: Swift Actors, Property List Editor, Improved Documentation Support, and More!

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Hi everyone,

AppCode 2021.3 is here – let’s take a look at all the new features!



Language support

Actors have been added to Swift, and we now support this new language construction in the IDE. Let’s take a look at what it took to implement this improvement.

First of all, we needed to parse the new language constructions and add them to the symbol tree. After that, IDE features like navigation, completion, and highlighting could start working automatically. But there was still more to do! For example, we needed to tune the Structure view:

Actors in Structure view

Add an option to the New File dialog:

New Actor

Add Code Style preferences for actors:

Code style for actors

And update the template for the Create from usage action:

Create from usage

We also needed to be able to generate standard properties like description, hash, and others:

Generate actor

Finally, hierarchy views needed to be able to show actors as well:

Actor hierarchy

Code completion

Now in AppCode, a case inside a switch can be inserted immediately with the name:

case inside switch

We now show the compiler conditions both empty and pre-filled:

Compiler conditions

In addition to if, we’ve also added if guard and if let:

if let / guard let


We’ve finally implemented all the essential features! Highlighting for parameters now works:

Comments highlighting

Navigation works as well:

Comments navigation

Documentation comments are updated after refactoring:


Reader mode works:

Reader mode

And even the inspection for undocumented parameters was added:

Inspection for undocumented parameters

Property list editor

We now have a property list editor, thanks to help from the Rider team:

Property list editor


We’ve added support for Swift error breakpoints to the Exception Breakpoints preferences:

Error breakpoints

You can now evaluate code expressions right in the Debug tool window by using the Evaluate Expression field:

Evaluate expression field


Bookmarks have been moved to a separate tool window, and you can now group them in a custom list:


Version control

Now you can push only some commits using Push All up to Here. The name of the action is self-explanatory, so we won’t write a lot about it.

That’s it! Explore all the new features in detail on our website and start your free 30-day evaluation to see them in action for yourself!

Your AppCode team
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