JetBrains Challenges Java Developers: “Plug in and Win!” in IntelliJ IDEAL Plugin Contest

August 30, 2006

Prague, Czech Republic, August 30, 2006 — JetBrains®, creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing applications, today announced its first ever plugin competition for IntelliJ® IDEA, the company’s award-winning Java IDE (integrated development environment). The JetBrains development team will consider all IntelliJ IDEA-compatible plugins submitted during the contest, dubbed the
IntelliJ IDEAL Plugin Contest.

Top entries will win their developers a combined total of US$10,000 in cash prizes and more than US$15,000 in software licenses from JetBrains and other Java-oriented vendors.

“Our IntelliJ IDEAL Plugin contest provides an unprecedented opportunity for IntelliJ IDEA users and other Java developers to show their skill and creativity,” said Sergey Dmitriev, JetBrains chief executive officer. “The entire IntelliJ IDEA community will benefit from the influx of new and useful extensions for their IDE of choice. This competition will inspire the best of the best to participate, share and — for top entries — win substantial prizes.”

All contest entries, regardless of whether they win a prize, join the ranks of hundreds of popular IntelliJ IDEA extensions already available in the new IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Repository (

Developers can submit plugins in any of 32 top-level categories in the IntelliJ IDEA plugin ecosystem, and they may create plugins that fall into new categories. Existing plugins cover a wide range of applications, from code editing enhancement and Java EE development facilitation all the way to just plain fun things.  Entered plugins will be judged according to their usefulness, creativity and elegance, completeness, and code quality and documentation.

IntelliJ IDEAL Plugin Contest entrants may enter new plugins or may add functionality to existing plugins. New functionality must be developed specifically for this plugin competition and only the new functionality will be judged.

Eligible plugins must be compatible with the IntelliJ IDEA 5.1 Open API and/or 6.0 Open API (a beta version of which is available at and must be submitted under a Berkeley Standard Distribution (BSD) open source license (for information on this license, visit or under an Apache License (for information visit

IntelliJ IDEAL Plugin Contest cash prizes will include:

Grand Prize (1 awarded): $5000 (US)

Second Prize (2 awarded): $2000 (US)

Team Leader’s Personal Prize (1 awarded): $1000 (US)

All winners of cash prizes will also receive personal licenses for IntelliJ IDEA and JetBrains TMate, plus different packages of free licenses for other Java development tools which can include these IntelliJ IDEA Companion Products: JProfiler profiling tool for Java, Refactor-J Java refactoring extension, Refactor-X XML refactoring extension, and Inspection-JS JavaScript code inspection extension, and/or these non-affiliated products: BuildDesk, a build engineering tool for IntelliJ IDEA, and JFormDesigner, a GUI design tool.

In addition to these prizes, Grand Prize winners will also receive licenses for Atlassian’s JIRA Professional and Confluence Workgroup (50 users), and Second Prize winners will receive their choice of either JIRA Professional or Confluence Workgroup.

Three Honorable Mention awardees will receive personal licenses for IntelliJ IDEA and JetBrains TMate, plus licenses for the Refactor-J, Refactor-X, and Inspection-JS Companion Products.

In addition, all contest entrants whose submissions meet the contest entry guidelines will receive a commemorative contest T-shirt.

Contest entries will be accepted beginning September 1, 2006. The deadline for submitting completed plugins is October 31, 2006.  Winners will be announced December 11, 2006.  Complete information on entering, including official rules, eligibility, terms and conditions, and submission procedures, can be found on the contest home page at

Third-party companies contributing software prizes include:

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