ReSharper and ViEmu Productivity Webinar Recording

The recording of the joint webinar session, Increase Visual Studio Productivity with ReSharper and ViEmu is now ready for your viewing pleasure. In this webinar James Kovacs showcases how ReSharper and ViEmu can be used together to increase your coding productivity within Microsoft Visual Studio.

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We would like to thank our webinar attendees for their participation and James for the informative session. You can view the recording on, YouTube or below.

To get started with ReSharper and ViEmu we recommend the following learning resources that were included in the presentation slide deck.



Until next time, continue to Develop with Pleasure!

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9 Responses to ReSharper and ViEmu Productivity Webinar Recording

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  3. Andreas says:

    Very amazing!
    @James What program do you use to highlight the keyboard shortcuts?

  4. James Kovacs says:

    I use KeyCastr for Mac to display keystrokes. It’s the only standalone program that I know of – Mac or PC – that displays all keystrokes rather than just ones with modifiers keys (e.g. Ctrl, Alt, Shift), which is essential for showcasing Vim. Unfortunately KeyCastr is abandonware and the source isn’t available. You can still grab it from download mirrors, such as CNET: KeyCastr for Mac

  5. Maher Jendoubi says:

    Excellent mix R# & Vi!
    @James When will be the update on pluralsight of Resharper Fundamentals?

  6. James Kovacs says:

    @Maher – I have a new Pluralsight course coming out shortly on ReSharper 7. Everything in the current ReSharper Fundamentals still applies to ReSharper 7. So the new course is additive.

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  8. Thanks for finally talking about > ReSharper and ViEmu Productivity Webinar
    Recording | JetBrains Company Blog < Liked it!

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