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Kotlin Milestone 4 Hits the Street!

Please welcome the latest Kotlin M4 release that includes 128 closed issues since M3.1. Full details on the M4 release can be found on the Kotlin Blog. While there are many highlights such as being faster, JDK7-friendly and code completion improvements; there are also noteworthy IDE improvements for IntelliJ IDEA 12.

IDE Improvements:

  • Kotlin logoRun All Tests in a Directory. Now IntelliJ IDEA can discover tests written in Kotlin, so that you can run all tests in directory/package: Java ones as well as Kotlin ones.
  • Debugger. Many fixes including receivers of extension functions/properties are now visible in the Variables view.
  • New Make Procedure. IntelliJ IDEA 12 brings a new implementation of make. Kotlin M4 adds support for it, and this support will eventually develop into an incremental compiler for Kotlin.
  • Kotlin Home Page now features a unified search box that aggregates the docs, forum, tracker, source code and whatnot.

You can grab the recently released IntelliJ IDEA 12 here and download Kotlin M4 from the plugin repository, accessible from your IDE.


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