Deployment Automation with Octopus Deploy and TeamCity, Webinar Recording

The recording of our February 12th webinar, Deployment Automation with Octopus Deploy and TeamCity, is now available on and YouTube.

We would like to thank Paul Stovell for the great session and Paul Stack for helping moderate and answer the large volume of questions. To all of the attendees of the webinar, your attention and participation was simply wonderful. Thank you too. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this page which include the sample application, Octopus TeamCity add-in and the webinar Q&A.

* Please note – If the embedded video below is stretched vertically, the issue can be resolved by viewing in full screen or directly on YouTube.

About This Webinar:

You’re probably familiar with building and testing code in TeamCity, but how do you deploy the built artifacts? How do you promote your deployments between development, test, staging and production environments, while keeping the process reliable, automated and secure? Octopus Deploy can help to solve this problem, by integrating with TeamCity to push your changes out into production.

In this session, Paul Stovell walks through the process of building, testing, packaging and deploying an ASP.NET web applications and Windows Services into different environments using Octopus Deploy and TeamCity.

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