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Live Webinars: What’s New in ReSharper 9 (Dec 11); What’s New in dotTrace 6 (Dec 16)

ReSharper 9 was just released along with dotTrace 6dotCover 3dotMemory 4.2 and dotPeek 1.3. As all JetBrains .NET tools now use a single installer, you can download ReSharper 9 and choose to install only ReSharper or more of our .NET tools. For a quick overview of the releases, read this blog post.

ReSharper 9

What’s New Live Sessions:

To compliment the release of ReSharper 9 and dotTrace 6, we are running a series of live webinars to highlight some of the hottest new features and provide you with an opportunity to have your questions answered on the spot. We invite you to register now and join us for the following webinars.

What’s New in ReSharper 9 — December 11th, 2014

Two sessions are available for you to choose from:

Matt EllisIn these webinars, Matt Ellis will cover some of the new and exciting features coming in ReSharper 9. These include but are not limited to: Regular expression support, Visual Studio 2015 and C#6.0 initial support, Navigation improvements (Go to Action, Navigate to exposing APIs), Fix in scope evolution, Code style settings and Shared platform for all JetBrains .NET tools.

What’s New in dotTrace 6 — December 16th, 2014

Maarten BalliauwJoin Maarten Balliauw and explore the new dotTrace 6, bringing a great deal of new and exciting profiling goodies. Here are some highlights: New profiling method — Timeline, Restyled staring point for profiling sessions — dotTrace Home, Enhanced controller with realtime profiling data, Refined Performance viewer ,More flexible Subsystems and Shared platform for all JetBrains .NET tools.

For updates visit our blog, Twitter @ReSharper and dotTrace, and our product pages.

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