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Introducing Hub 1.0 – JetBrains’ Teamware Connector

Please welcome Hub 1.0, a brand new user & permissions management tool, which connects our team tools YouTrack, Upsource and TeamCity. Hub is absolutely free and supports an unlimited number of users.

With Hub 1.0, you can connect multiple YouTrack and Upsource installations. Hub 1.0 supports YouTrack Stand-Alone only, while YouTrack InCloud will be supported later.

TeamCity will also join the club very soon with a special plugin, which is planned for the Q3 of 2015. This plugin will allow you to synchronize TeamCity users with Hub users, though groups, roles and permissions will be still managed in TeamCity.

See Hub in action in this short video:

Why connect YouTrack and Upsource to Hub?

1. All tools integrated out of the box


2. Single sign-on

Hub makes sure that across all JetBrains team tools used in your team, a user can log in once and stay authenticated throughout. A variety of authentication ways are supported including LDAP, Google, GitHub and built-in authentication.

3. Unified user and permission management

Hub manages a single database of users, groups, roles, permissions and projects, and shares it among all connected YouTrack and Upsource installations, serving as an authentication and authorization server.


4. Project wizard

With Hub’s project wizard, you can create a new project in both your Upsource and YouTrack installations. In the future, creating Git repositories and sets of build configurations in TeamCity will be supported as well.


5. Dashboard

Use Hub’s Dashboard to keep track of issues, commits, build status and code reviews in your project(s). The Dashboard pulls data from your YouTrack and Upsource installations, and TeamCity will join the club very soon.



What kind of integration is possible with Hub?

View commits related to issue

If one or several commit messages refer to a YouTrack issue ID, there’s a two-way sync between YouTrack and Upsource: Navigate to the related issue from a set of changes or a code review in Upsource, and see related changes when viewing the issue on a special VCS changes tab. You can also apply any YouTrack command to the related issue right from a commit comment.


Create issues from code reviews

Whenever a code review or a source code discussion in Upsource reveals a problem that isn’t practical to resolve right away, you can quickly create a new issue in YouTrack with one click on the Create Issue link. The issue summary will contain the related code review name, and its description will include a link to the code review.

  1. Create an issue from Upsource with a single click:Create issue from Upsource

  1. Navigate to the created issue from the code review:

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 20.15.49

More diff views for TeamCity changes

Whenever you’re looking at TeamCity’s Change Log or Change Details view, TeamCity Hub plugin will give you the choice of using TeamCity built-in diff viewer or one of two diff views available in Upsource. (This TeamCity Hub plugin is due out in Q3 2015.)

Ready to connect your JetBrains teamware?

  1. Download Hub 1.0.

  2. Upgrade your YouTrack Stand-alone instance to the latest version 6.5.

  3. Get the latest Upsource version 2.0.3.

  4. Connect your YouTrack (Stand-Alone) and Upsource instances to Hub by following these instructions.

Enjoy unified user & permission management, your personalized Dashboard with widgets from YouTrack and Upsource, single sign-on to all the team tools, and smooth integration out of the box!

Whenever you need any help, just contact our Support or report an issue. We’re here to help!

JetBrains Hub Team

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