Developer Ecosystem Survey: Raw Data Are Here

As you may recall, in early 2017 we at JetBrains ran the massive Developer Ecosystem survey to better understand developers and their needs all around the world.

In July, we finished analyzing the collected data and published the most interesting findings in these Infographics.

Now, as we promised, we’re sharing the raw data for the survey so that anyone in the developer community can analyze the results and answer whatever questions they have in mind.

Before digging deeper into these data, please note the following important information:

  1. The data include responses from both our “internal” and “external” channels. The data-set includes all of the 9,000+ respondents collected between December, 2016, and March, 2017, via advertising (external) channels such as Twitter Ads & Google Adwords, and JetBrains’ own communication (internal) channels such as our blog post, JetBrains Twitter and Facebook accounts, and the JetBrains’ internal Survey Panel. When comparing your own analysis with our Report results, please bear in mind that to minimize possible bias the data include only responses coming from advertising (external channels).
  2. The data is anonymized, with no personal information or geolocation details. Moreover, to prevent identification of any individual respondents by their verbatim comments, all open-ended fields were eliminated.
  3. The data are not weighted. We are not sharing the population weights used for post-stratification of Infographic data, to correct for the fact that countries with similar sample sizes may have different actual numbers of developers. Therefore, you need to apply your own weights when analyzing the data.
  4. To better understand the logic of the survey, along with the data-set we’re sharing the survey questions, with all the survey logic, in English.

Get Developer Ecosystem Survey Raw Data

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who took part in our research. You helped a lot!

We plan to repeat the survey next year. Don’t miss the chance to participate in Developer Ecosystem Survey 2018 – join the JetBrains Survey Panel!

Happy analyzing!

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