Celebrating the Drive to Develop on Programmers’ Day 2018

Last week on the 256th day of the year individual developers and organizations all over the world celebrated International Programmers’ Day.

We, at JetBrains, with so many incredible developers around us couldn’t just sit back and let this day pass without some kind of recognition. We asked all the programmers who follow us on social media (mostly Twitter) to use the hashtag #MyDriveToDevelop and tell the world what programming meant to them – what was their “Drive To Develop”.

Programmers' Day 2018

As for the results, developers from over 25 countries on all of the continents (with the exception of Antarctica) posted their own personal stories.

We want to thank everyone who took part, we read every single one of the #MyDriveToDevelop hashtag tweets and comments and were truly fascinated by how much the programmer profession means to so many of you.

It would be impossible to share all the comments in this blog post and also unfair to post just a few and call them the best because all of the tweets and comments were amazing, full of warmth and consideration. So what we’ve done is prepare this cloud of words to depict the most frequently used words and give you an insight into what drives developers with their work.

Programmers' Day 2018: cloud of tweets and comments
If you want to read all the original tweets just browse Twitter, Facebook or VK with the #MyDriveToDevelop hashtag.

Each and every programmer has their own #MyDriveToDevelop, however there are some commonalities that we’ve noticed.

Making a difference
Creating opportunities, simplifying the processes, building something that others find valuable.

Collaborating with others
Connecting the community, making cool things together, sharing knowledge with others, helping other developers to achieve the goals they have.

Being a challenger
Staying curious and hungry to experiment, improve and constantly evolve. Turn routine into fun and complexity to simplicity.

Being a dreamer
Making dreams come true, turning ideas into things that have a purpose.

Being a superhero
Having unlimited possibilities, solving complex real life problems, improving everyone’s life, making the world a better place with help of the software!

With the Drive To Develop nothing is impossible.

We at JetBrains could not agree more, all the things people mentioned about why people love programming, all resonate deeply with all of us in this incredible field of work. There is something that drives us as programmers to seek out the challenges, make solutions, and have an impact on the world, regardless of where you are in the world. We are just so glad to have a community of similarly driven people.

Stay passionate, stay curious, and may your #MyDriveToDevelop always be with you!

The Drive to Develop

PS: At JetBrains, we celebrated the Programmers’ Day not only online but also offline, in the company of great colleagues in each of the JetBrains offices. We had some snacks, drinks, and games. And of course cake!

Programmers' Day 2018: cake

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