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Partner with JetBrains Space to Grow Your Business

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Space is designed as a platform from day one, both in terms of extensibility and having a partner ecosystem in mind. Whether you are a reseller, a professional services provider, or a software vendor who would like to build on top of our platform, there are rich opportunities to collaborate and grow your business with Space.

We have created three partner programs which should cover most partnership business models: Channel Partnership, Service Partnership, and Technology Partnership.

Channel Partnership

Working with channel partners (such as resellers, distributors, VARs, and VADs) helps JetBrains reach and assist customers in more territories and industries than we would ever be able to cover ourselves.

As an integrated team environment, Space will need an even more extensive channel partner network to ensure that we reach all prospective customers.

There are plenty of benefits, including generous reseller margins, lead sharing, sales and marketing support, training, an online reseller portal, and much more.

Learn more and apply to become a Channel Partner.

Service Partnership

A professional services partner ecosystem will help Space grow and mature in even more territories and target industries. Because Space may require some handholding when introduced into a customer’s organization, this presents excellent opportunities for consulting, training, and deployment partners.

On the toolchain side, Space does not exist in a vacuum. There is already a wide range of collaboration tools used in organizations, which makes this a perfect market for our implementation, custom integrations, and data migration partners to tackle.

There are plenty of benefits, including financial incentives, lead sharing, training, technical certification, no competition from the vendor (as JetBrains relies on partners to provide services), and much more.

Learn more and apply to become a Service Partner.

Technology Partnership

Space can be easily customized and extended to meet the unique needs of any organization. Our customers and technology partners can create applications, integrations, workflows, and publish them on JetBrains Marketplace, or use them in their own Space organizations. Support for both free and paid extensions is coming soon.

The technology partnership program is designed for closer collaboration between the JetBrains Space team and software vendors. It also targets collaboration with individual developers building on top of the Space platform, and especially those building their technology-oriented business on top of our tools.

Learn more and apply to become a Technology Partner.

We can envision and accommodate a wide range of joint opportunities beyond these programs. If none of the pre-designed partner programs seems like a 100% fit for you, please contact us by completing any of the available program application forms.

Many JetBrains partners already mix and match our partner programs. For example, you can develop applications and provide services as a reseller, while at the same time consulting customers as a technology partner, with no restrictions.

Let’s be partners!

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