JetBrains 2020/21 Annual Highlights: 10 Million Users, 30 Tools, and More!

Last year JetBrains celebrated its 20th birthday, and we’ve compiled a quick summary to give you a glimpse of how the year went. We also invite you to check out the full JetBrains 2020/21 Annual Highlights report to learn all about the exciting developments.

JetBrains 2020/21 Annual Highlights

JetBrains has grown from a small startup in Prague into an established international software development tools company with 1,500 team members across 9 offices. Founded on a single product, our portfolio now boasts 30 tools with more than 6,000 plugins available to extend them further. And we’ve accomplished all of this without external funding!

JetBrains unites more than 10.1 million users from all around the world and counts 99 Fortune 100 companies as our customers. Almost every day we have around 175 new organizations and 2,862 individuals adopting our tools and joining the JetBrains family. Our revenue has increased by 11% in 2020, which was driven by 85% growth in China, which became the fourth largest market by sales volume. Asia Pacific remains the fastest growing region, with a 32% sales increase.

Rider, GoLand, DataGrip, CLion, and PyCharm experienced the most growth in 2020, while IntelliJ IDEA reached approximately 4 million users.

We also officially released Space, our all-in-one collaboration platform for creative teams that covers all business processes, from chats and PM tools to the entire software development pipeline. Additionally, Code With Me, a new service from JetBrains for collaborative develpoment and pair programming, started its Early Access Program.

On the open source front, Kotlin 1.4 was released during a special online event and we announced Ktor, a Kotlin framework for building asynchronous servers and clients in connected systems. The increasing popularity and huge numbers of Kotlin users continues to amaze us – 5.8 million people edited code written in Kotlin last year.

We were proud to continue our Community Support Programs where:

In December 2020, we launched JetBrains Connect, our new YouTube series about people, technology, and learning. It brings experts and thought leaders together to talk about important topics from across the technology landscape. We are just about to publish our fourth episode.

Find many more fun facts, details, and resources in JetBrains 2020/21 Annual Highlights.

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