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Scholarships for Participants of International Science Olympiads

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JetBrains supports talented high school and university students in their quest to gain knowledge and new skills, which takes a lot of dedication and time. JetBrains scholarships are designed to help gifted students stay focused on their studies without having to get a part-time job to support themselves as they attend university.

Today we are announcing new scholarships for university students who were former participants of International Science Olympiads at secondary school.

JetBrains Scholarship

Who can qualify for this scholarship?

Additional scholarships will be awarded to students of the bachelor programs Modern Software Engineering, Mathematics, and Mathematics, Algorithms and Data Science of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of St. Petersburg State University, and to students of the program Applied Mathematics and Information Science of the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg. To qualify for this scholarship, a student must have represented the Russian national team at one of the following Olympiads:

  • International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)
  • International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)
  • European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO)
  • European Girls’ Olympiad in Informatics (EGOI)
  • This scholarship will also be available to students of the Physics bachelor program of the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg who have represented the Russian national team at the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) as a high school student.

    Scholarship amounts

    Participants of IOI, IMO, and IPhO will receive ₽10,000 (Russian rubles) per month. Medal winners will receive ₽15,000 for bronze, ₽20,000 for silver, or ₽25,000 for gold, monthly.

    Female participants of EGMO or EGOI can receive an additional scholarship of ₽5,000 per month. Medal winners will receive ₽10,000 for bronze, ₽15,000 for silver, or ₽20,000 for gold, monthly.

    Please note that if a student has participated in multiple qualifying Olympiads, only their highest achievement will be taken into account and only one such scholarship can be awarded.


    The scholarships are awarded for the first and second years of bachelor studies, and students must have no academic debt to qualify.

    A student’s Olympiad achievements can go back up to 4 years to be considered for university freshmen (first-year students), and up to for 5 years for university sophomores (second-year students). In other words, a student’s Olympiad participation record from 8th grade onward will typically qualify.

    About JetBrains’ initiatives for students

    JetBrains supports leading universities across the world. For example, it sponsors scholarships for students of the bachelor programs “Modern Software Engineering” at St. Petersburg State University and “Applied Mathematics and Information Science” at the HSE in St. Petersburg. Students can receive up to ₽15,000 per month depending on their academic performance. These monthly payments can be combined with the scholarship for participants of international Olympiads described above. JetBrains also provides travel grants to help students who are active in research to attend competitions, conferences, and seminars.

    If you have any questions about JetBrains scholarships or our other educational initiatives, please feel free to contact our project coordinator, Natalia, at

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