Live Stream: From Jupyter Notebooks to JetBrains DataSpell

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Join us Tuesday, August 17, 6 pm – 7 pm (CEST) / 12 am – 1 pm (EDT), for our live webinar “From Jupyter Notebooks to JetBrains DataSpell”. In this webinar, Andrey Cheptsov, Product Manager for PyCharm and DataSpell, will preview JetBrains DataSpell – a brand new IDE for data scientists.

Over the last few years, PyCharm users have often requested better support for Jupyter notebooks. So a year ago, part of the PyCharm team sat together and decided to rebuild what PyCharm offers to data scientists from scratch. They decided not to just improve the support for Jupyter notebooks, but also to introduce a standalone IDE that would provide the best development environment for those involved in exploratory data analysis and prototyping ML models.

Earlier this year, we announced a private EAP (Early Access Program) for JetBrains DataSpell and have received a lot of positive feedback. If you haven’t been a part of the EAP but are wondering what JetBrains DataSpell looks like, be sure to join us on August 17, 6 pm – 7 pm (CEST) / 12 am – 13 pm (EDT).

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