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The 2022.1 Versions of All JetBrains IDEs and .NET Tools Have Been Released

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This blog post offers an overview of the major updates you will find in the 2022.1 releases of all JetBrains IDEs and .NET tools. Check out the summary below, and follow the links to dive deeper and learn more about your favorite tools.

You can update at any time via the Toolbox App or from within the tool itself, or you can get the latest versions directly from the JetBrains website.

IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1 introduces the Dependency Analyzer to facilitate dependency management and conflict resolution, an updated New Project wizard to streamline launching new projects, and the Notifications tool window, which offers a convenient new way to receive and store notifications from the IDE. Version 2022.1 also includes many other enhancements and additions aimed at improving your experience with the IDE.

WebStorm 2022.1 comes with better Next.js support, Volta integration, improvements for Docker, ESM support for webpack configurations, the ability to run commands from Markdown files, and more.

PyCharm 2022.1 introduces the long-awaited basic HTTP authentication support for custom package repositories, improved TypedDict support that includes code completion and warnings, and the new Services UI for Docker.

RubyMine 2022.1 comes with support for new Ruby 3.1 and RBS language features, new inspections and quick-fixes, improvements to the UX, code editor, tests, Docker support, VCS integration, and more.

DataGrip 2022.1 comes with a variety of new features and improvements, such as the ability to copy multiple objects, new logic for canceling statements and stopping connections, the ability to edit results in MongoDB, session templates for introspection, and more.

PhpStorm 2022.1 brings support for multiline and nested array shapes, the in-place Extract Method refactoring, and enhanced support for Blade templates and WordPress, as well as many improvements to the overall UX.

GoLand 2022.1 offers support for generics and also introduces basic support for Go workspaces. Apart from that, we’ve added several new features for working with microservices.

CLion 2022.1 is focused on quality improvements. It enhances existing workflows for remote development, Docker, CMake projects, and CUDA debugging. This release also addresses annoying and frustrating bugs in code completion, inlay hints, and other subsystems.

DataSpell 2022.1 introduces the ability to use JupyterHub 2.0 and to copy files to and from a remote Jupyter server. This version makes it easier to keep your notebook structure clear, with cell outputs copy-pasted along with cell sources. The integrated Jupyter runtime completion adds a bunch of useful completion suggestions, for instance, for dynamic class attributes.

Stay tuned for the release of AppCode 2022.1 in the coming days. It will bring support for async sequences, postfix #if member expressions, isolation control specifiers for Swift actors, improvements for the Swift Package Manager integration, better VoiceOver support, and more.

.NET tools & VS extensions 2022.1

The 2022.1 versions of ReSharper and Rider bring a lot of improvements for language support, specifically for C#10 and global usings, Blazor and Razor development, and nullable reference types.

Rider 2022.1 comes with a Beta version of the long-awaited remote development workflow and full Unreal Engine support, which converts Rider into a full-fledged IDE for game development. ReSharper C++ 2022.1 brings support for the Unreal Engine testing framework, the overhauled version of Catch2, and the latest releases of GoogleTest and doctest unit test frameworks.

The command-line tools for ReSharper, dotTrace, dotMemory, and dotCover now support Alpine versions 3.13–3.15.

That’s all the news for today. While you’re exploring all these new features, we will already be making progress on the 2022.2 versions of all IDEs and .NET tools. The EAPs (early access programs) will be opening soon for the most curious. Stay tuned!

Note: We recommend checking for new EAP versions of your tools right in the Toolbox App. Don’t forget to choose the right channel for your installed tool via its settings.

Take care and stay safe,

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