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The Incubators program is here – get on board!

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A while ago, in 2015 to be precise, we launched the Startup Program – a special discount scheme for small companies that apply and fulfill the entry requirements. Since we set up the program, it has provided more than 40,000 startups with a 50% discount on JetBrains tools. Now, we are introducing the launch of a new partner program for startup incubators and accelerators.

We’re always striving to improve our tools and services that we provide to our community. The same applies to the Startup Program – we’ve been thinking about what else we could come up with to support newly established small companies. We noticed that many startups are backed up by incubators and accelerators. This gave us the idea of how we can provide startups with additional support – directly through the startup’s incubator program.

We really appreciate the hard work that incubators invest into fostering startups. To express our appreciation, we created the Incubators program that will provide all incubator-led startups with JetBrains tools free for 6 months. We also offer 6 months of free upgrades to the next Space paid plan for all their users. And what happens after the Incubators program lapses? We will still be there to back you with our standard 50% Startup discount on JetBrains tools.

Apply now!

Get involved

There are many incubators worldwide and we want to help fulfill your needs. Lend us a hand discovering the most desirable incubators and accelerators, and refer them to us! Do you have any local startup incubators/accelerators that you would like us to invite to the program? Let us know in the comments below this article and let’s see what we can do together.

Another way you can get involved is to provide us with your own experience of the Startup Offer, which of the provided tools you used, and how they were helpful. We’ve already received a few customer stories – you can read them on our customer success webpage and decide if you would also like to participate in them. Let us know at and we’ll be in touch.


The incubator I’m connected with isn’t a member of the JetBrains Incubators program. What can I do?

  • First, you can share this article or the official Incubator program page with your primary contact at the incubator company. Alternatively, leave a comment below this article.

My incubator is already included in the program. How can I claim the additional benefits?

  • Your primary contact from the incubator should share a special link with you that can be used to obtain the additional benefits.

I have an issue with registering. Where can I get help?

I am not part of an incubator-led startup. Can I get the discount anyway?

  • Even though your startup is not incubator-led, you can still benefit from the 50% Startup discount offer.

How long does it take for my request to be processed?

  • We try our best to answer all requests within a few working days. If there are any urgent issues, please contact us at

Which Space plans does the upgrade apply to?

  • The upgrade is eligible for all plans, except Enterprise. If you currently have the Free Space plan, you will be upgraded to the Team plan. If you have the Team plan, then you’ll be upgraded to Organization. This offer is available for 6 months.
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