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Nx Champions Join the JetBrains Developer Recognition Program

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At JetBrains, we encourage developers to share their technical expertise and passion for innovation. For the past few years, we’ve supported more than 1,200 recognized experts through our Developer Recognition Program – Google Developer Experts, Microsoft MVPs, Java Champions, Docker Captains, ASPInsiders, Gradle Fellows, and Embarcadero MVPs. 

We are happy to announce that Nx Champions have joined the JetBrains Developer Recognition Program, too! Starting today, all active Nx Champions can get free access to all of our desktop products, including WebStorm, PhpStorm, IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, and our other IDEs.

Nx is a build system optimized for monorepos with built-in tooling for code scaffolding, module boundary enforcement, automated updates and advanced CI capabilities with caching and distribution. Nx Champions strive for knowledge exchange around Nx, share their insights and help the Nx community to grow. In addition, they actively gather feedback from the community to help improve the Nx build system.

Like JetBrains, Nx has been working on making the coding experience more enjoyable and productive. We’re excited to support Nx Champions in their efforts to enhance the global developer community.

If you are an active Nx Champion, please feel free to apply for a complimentary All Products Pack license and start using JetBrains IDEs today!

As long as you hold the Nx Champion status, you’re welcome to continue using JetBrains IDEs free of charge. To renew your complimentary subscription for another year, please submit this request form two weeks before the license expires. Reach out to with any questions.

Last but not least, we want to recognize the contribution Nx has made to the IntelliJ Platform by developing the Nx Console plugin. Be sure to check it out!

Happy coding!

The JetBrains team

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