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CLion 2022.1 EAP5: Setting to Reload CMake Profiles Sequentially, Fixes in Quick Documentation and Toolchains, and a Project Generator for Rust

The new CLion 2022.1 EAP build, 221.5080.1, is now available from our website, via the Toolbox App, or as a snap package (if you are using Ubuntu). Please note that if you are on macOS, there is a separate build for Apple Silicon (M1 chip). Those of you already using the EAP4 build can apply a patch to update to EAP5.


Here are the main highlights:

  • Toolchains:
    • CLion now supports MSYS2 MinGW, starting with version (CPP-28403).
  • Project model:
    • By default, CMake profiles are reloaded in parallel in CLion. In some cases, this might cause issues when reloading CMake. To resolve this, we’ve added an option to reload CMake profiles sequentially. You can find it in Settings/Preferences | Advanced Settings | CMake:Advanced Settings
    • Fixed a syntax highlighting issue in Makefile (CPP-24010).
  • We’ve implemented several enhancements for code completion (CPP-27347, CPP-27465, CPP-28265).
  • In the Quick Documentation pop-up, we’ve fixed the incorrect formatting of the macro replacement when there is a using keyword in the macro (CPP-28558).

If you are interested in trying the Rust language, a new stub project generator for Rust projects will help you even if you don’t have the Rust plugin installed. It will help you install the plugin
New Rust Project w/o a plugin
and gracefully navigate you through project creation:
New Rust project with the plugin

The full release notes are available here.


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