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IntelliJ Rust features. Entry one: Macros

In this series of short blog posts, we are going to take a closer look at the key Rust-related features available in JetBrains IDEs through our corresponding plugin. However, before we do that, let me briefly remind you about the … Continue reading

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Rust plugin update: language support improvements, new quick-fixes, improved debugger and more

Hi, CLion 2018.2 was released just recently. Along with the release, the Rust plugin has had an update! In this blog post, we’d like to highlight some of the main improvements in the plugin. However, before we do that, let … Continue reading

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CLion 2018.1 is released: more C++17, WSL, CMake Install, new languages supported, and much more!

Please welcome the first big update this year, CLion 2018.1! It’s packed with various enhancements and cool new features for C/C++ developers on all platforms, and especially on Windows, plus a range of benefits for those who use C/C++, Objective-C … Continue reading

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From C/C++ to native development: Rust and Fortran plugins in CLion

While CLion’s main focus is on C and C++, it also provides extensive support for other languages that supplement the C/C++ ecosystem: Python (interesting fact: according to feature usage statistics, Python is used in 30% of projects opened in CLion!) … Continue reading

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