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CLion 2023.1.3 Bug-Fix Update

CLion 2023.2 is planned as a quality-focused release and the free Early Access Program is now available! You can download free builds and try them out. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us! In the meantime, we’re continuing to improve v2023.1 with the CLion 2023.1.3 bug-fix update!

Download build 231.9011.31 from our website, through the Toolbox App, as a snap for Ubuntu, or via patch from the IDE.


  • CMake:
    • Cyclic dependency in CMake presets no longer causes CLion’s UI to freeze (CPP-33193).
    • When opening a project in CLion for the first time, CLion’s Open Project wizard is shown, allowing you to configure CMake profiles the same way as before CLion v2023.1.1.
    • CLion no longer fails with CMake configuration in cases where the /we4067 MSVC compiler flag is used (CPP-33010).
  • We addressed the issue that prevented the debugger from being launched successfully on MacOS with a Docker toolchain (CPP-32652).
  • CLion now retriggers code completion correctly after a typed prefix has changed (CPP-33049).

You can find the full release notes here.

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