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CLion 2024.1 EAP 2: Improved Terminal and Other UX Enhancements

Some time ago, we shared our plans and directions. Just a couple of weeks ago, we kicked off our CLion 2024.1 EAP with CMake coding assistance, code analysis in device tree files, and forked processes debugging.

Today, the CLion 2024.1 EAP 2 build (241.11761.23) is available from our website, via the Toolbox App, or as a snap package if you’re using Ubuntu.


This CLion 2024.1 EAP build includes several important UX improvements. Read on and let us know whether these enhancements make your interaction with the IDE smoother and more effective.

Easier navigation with sticky lines while scrolling

Navigating through new codebases and large files can be tricky. To help you with that, the editor now has sticky lines while scrolling. This feature keeps key structural elements, like the beginnings of classes or functions, pinned to the top of the editor as you scroll. This way, scopes are always in view, and you can promptly navigate through the code by clicking on one such line.

Sticky scroll

This feature is enabled by default. You can configure the maximum number of pinned lines or disable the feature completely under Settings/Preferences | Editor | General | Appearance | Show sticky lines while scrolling.

Revamped Terminal tool window

A significant update was implemented for the Terminal tool window. We expanded the feature set, improved the visual appearance, and aligned it with the IDE’s refreshed look and feel.

  • Each command is now placed in the terminal as a distinct block. They are separated visually so that you can easily detect the start and end of each one. Easily navigate between blocks using the arrow keys or switch the focus between the prompt and output with the ⌘↑ / Ctrl+↑ and ⌘↓ / Ctrl+↓ keyboard shortcuts.
  • Code completion with documentation for commands, paths, arguments, options, and more will help you launch your required tasks more quickly.
  • The command history is also available in the new Terminal tool window.
  • The color scheme used in the Terminal tool window was updated to increase readability.


The updated terminal only supports Bash, Zsh, and PowerShell (currently only for Windows 11). We’re actively working on supporting more shell integrations.

Tool window names in the side toolbars

Do you sometimes feel there’s insufficient information on icons to understand which tool windows an icon activates? Enable tool window names on side toolbars in the new UI. Simply right-click on the toolbar to access the context menu and choose Show Tool Window Names, or enable this option via Settings / Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance | Tool Windows. It’s also possible to tailor the width of the toolbar by dragging its edge.

Tool window names

More granular integration with CMake presets

You can now configure which CMake preset types to import into CLion. For example, you can choose Configure presets from the import list. To do so, use Settings / Preferences | Advanced Settings | CMake | Automatically import CMake Presets:

CMake presets

Finally, launching STM32CubeMX from within CLion has now been fixed on Apple Silicon (M1, M2).

The full release notes are available here. Find out more about our plans for this release in the CLion 2024.1 roadmap.


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