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CLion Nova: AI Assistant and Enhancements From CLion Classic and ReSharper v2024.1

CLion Nova
is a free preview of CLion equipped with the ReSharper C++/Rider C++ language engine. With this update, CLion Nova has finally moved to the 2024.1 branch. This means that all of the enhancements brought by the CLion Classic 2024.1 EAP are now available in CLion Nova:

CMake target templates

This new CLion Nova build also comes with the enhancements included in the ReSharper C++ 2024.1 EAP:

  • You can now change the type of a parameter to a pointer or vice versa with the Change Signature refactoring, and all usages will be updated accordingly.
  • New formatter settings were introduced: Break line after goto labels, Indent goto labels, Do not change for empty braces, and arrangement of enumerators.
  • Improvements for the clang-format integration include support for GNU built-in style and the IndentAccessModifiers and DisableFormat format style options.

Improvements specific to CLion Nova

There are a few more improvements in this branch, which are specific to CLion Nova only:

  • You can now start working with your code faster in CLion Nova. While the IDE is still indexing the code, code highlighting and code completion are already available.
  • We reduced the amount of “red” code by supporting MS-specific extensions (CPP-36858), __builtin_add_overflow (CPP-36975), and __builtin_stdarg_start (CPP-36728).
  • C++ code hints are no longer re-enabled automatically on restart after you’ve disabled them (CPP-36780).
  • CLion Nova now folds the code blocks in conditionally uncompiled code (CPP-36778, CPP-35361).

AI Assistant in CLion Nova

This CLion Nova build enables JetBrains AI Assistant as an add-on for users with a JetBrains AI Service subscription. Not all of its functions are currently available in CLion Nova, but we plan to address this in future updates. Nonetheless, the following AI-powered features are supported in this build:

  • Generating documentation.
  • Finding problems in the code.
  • Explaining code and code errors.
  • Suggesting code refactorings.
  • AI chat.

Write documentation with AI

At the moment, rename suggestions and inline code completion are currently unavailable and will come to CLion Nova at a later date.

If you’re wondering which new refactorings CLion Nova has compared to CLion Classic, which syntax style options are available, or how live templates have been enriched in CLion Nova, please visit the dedicated section in our online documentation.


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