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We open EAP for DataGrip 2016.3

Hello! As you know, there is a good tradition to let you try new product features before the official release, so today meet DataGrip 2106.3 Early Access Program.


This version features integration with dump tools, several new inspections, the possibility to edit several fields at the same time, new completions, and many other enhancements. Let’s take a closer look at them:


Now DataGrip detects if an old driver is in use and offers you to update it:


Table Editor

Now you can edit several fields at once — just select them and begin to type. Of course, it works only if the columns you are editing are not unique and have the same type.


The familiar expand selection action by Ctrl+W (Alt+Up for OSX) now works in the data grid as well: first, a field is selected, then the column of the active field, then the row of the active field and finally, the whole grid.


External dump tools integration

We integrated DataGrip with mysqldump and pg_dump. To dump the objects, use the Dump with… option from the context menu.


This is what the dialogue window for MySQL looks like:


And here is the one for PostgreSQL. Note that in both cases you can use completion for the console parameters.


Code completion

Now if you use JOIN USING, DataGrip offers you only the field names common for both tables.


The INSERT statement completion offers you not only the list of all fields but also the list of fields which have no default value.



The IDE will warn you about the unused variable or parameter in the function.


Another inspection will let you know if there is a different number of columns in queries used in set operators (UNION, INTERSECT and EXCEPT).


Introspect missing schemas and databases

The new intention action offers you to introspect the schema or databases right from the editor if DataGrip has no metadata on them yet.


Find usages in PostgreSQL

Find Usages now handles positional parameters references in PostgreSQL: $1 will be treated as the first parameter’s usage and so on.


FiraCode font

All IntelliJ-based products bundle FiraCode font so you can use it to have ligatures in your code.


Other enhancements

  • SQL Server 2016 grammar support
  • External tables parsing in Oracle
  • Better operators parsing in PostgreSQL
  • SELF resolving in Oracle

That’s it! Your feedback is welcome in our twitter, forum and the issue tracker. Let us know what you think about 2016.3!

Your DataGrip Team
The Drive to Develop

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6 Responses to We open EAP for DataGrip 2016.3

  1. Avatar

    Kevin says:

    September 16, 2016

    Will there be any NoSQL support in the future? I have a friend that’s tempted to purchase DataGrip (I already have it for MySQL/mariaDB), but the lack of NoSQL support is holding him back.

  2. Avatar

    Dennis Bauszus says:

    October 25, 2016

    Looking forward to get my hands on the pg_dump integration. Most importantly. Is this pg_dump only or pg_restore as well? And will there be any chance to pipe the dump directly into a restore? Doing this on a windows machine is such a pain… PGPASSWORD=”***” pg_dump -v -h pg1.ourdataserver.net -d database1 -U postgres -t a_table -O -Fc | PGPASSWORD=”***” pg_restore -v -h pg2.ourdataserver.net -O -C -c -d database2 -U postgres

  3. Avatar

    Alvaro Muir says:

    November 28, 2016

    Listing schemas for Apache Hive seems to be broken. It also seems to think “autocommit” is checked, when it isn’t.

    • Avatar

      Maksim Sobolevskiy says:

      November 28, 2016

      What about Auto-commit, note! It is related to the transaction mode, not bulk submitting. I agree with you that it is a lil bit confusing and we’ll change it.

      Regarding Apache-hive, we shall look through it and tell you when we’ll finish our investigation.

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